Zales The Diamond Card Credit Card Offer

Is the Zales Diamond Credit Card Right for You?

You’ll Love It If:

  • You’re Making a Big, One-Time Purchase (Psst like engagement rings): It’s easier to digest the burden of such a large purchase if you can pay it off over time, which you can with your new Zales card. The terms even include 0% interest if you spend a certain amount and pay it off on time. 
  • Zales Is Your Go-To Store: If you’re a frequent buyer at Zales, you might as well build up your credit while you do it. 
  • You Want to Enjoy 0% Interest: Bask in 0% interest for 6–18 months. 

You Might Want to Pass On It If:

  • Your Credit Card has Better Benefits: If you already have a credit card with the same or better perks, we understand sticking with what you know. 
  • You Rarely Buy Jewelry: If you don’t plan on shopping at Zales often, you could skip the card. 
  • You Have Cash for Your Purchase: Why finance when you can pay for your purchase upfront?

More Questions About the Card

Can I make a payment to my Zales card online?

Can I make a payment to my Zales card online?

Once you receive your card, you can register online and access your account 24/7. You can then easily make a payment to your account online.

How can I sign up for the no-interest financing plan at Zales?

You cannot sign up for special financing offers with Zales. Their promotional plans are offered to cardholders or to customers at checkout time when making a purchase.

Can I earn rewards by spending on the Zales credit card?

Purchases you charge on your Zales card do not earn rewards. However, there are special promotional offers and other sales especially for cardholders that may earn reward certificates.

Where can I use the Zales credit card?

Unfortunately, it’s a store-branded card issued by Comenity Bank and is not affiliated with a network such as Visa or MasterCard. It can only be used in store at Zales or online at

How do I login to my Zales card account?

It’s easy to login to your account. Simply go to the Comenity Bank login page for the Zales card and either create an account or fill in your username and password.


How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Zales Diamond Card

Getting approved for a Zales Credit Card requires a little planning. Most credit card offers require very good credit. So, when applying for new credit, it’s essential to know your credit scores and what’s on your credit reports.

Credit card issuers want to see a strong credit history, steady income, and low credit utilization. If you’re using too much of your existing revolving credit, it’s a sign that you may not pay them back. You’ll also want to make sure you haven’t applied for too much credit in the recent past. Having too many credit inquiries can lessen your chances of getting approved.

How much can you owe in deferred interest?

The amount owed will obviously vary based on the purchase price of the jewelry but because were’ dealing with diamonds, gold, and other expensive materials, the potential for paying a lot in interest is huge.

Men spend an average of $5,978 on engagement rings. If you assume that much on a purchase and interest at 29.99% for 18 months, the total spent on interest would be $2689.20!

And that’s with the average cost.

Pros Explained

  • 0% deferred APR deals: This card does offer 0% interest on six, 12, and 18-month promotional credit plans. These offers are common among jewelry store credit cards, but Zales has the advantage in that it doesn’t require a down payment like some competitors do.  
  • Lower APR when you pay over 36 months: This card also gives you the chance to pay just 16.99% interest for 36 months on purchases of at least $1,500.
  • Cardholder perks: Cardholders qualify for a yearly $50 birthday discount, 10% off repairs and service, and free standard shipping on purchases made with the Zales card, in addition to coupons and emails reminding you to clean or inspect your jewelry throughout the year. 

Security Features

Comenity Bank does not offer many of the security features consumers have come to expect from credit card issuers, such as card lock or credit report monitoring. Comenity will put your credit card account on hold if your physical card is lost or stolen.

10% Off any repair service when you use your Zales credit card

I know quite a few people who have purchased or received nice jewelry over the past few years but not many of them have needed repairs. And if they did, the repairs weren’t that expensive.

So getting 10% off something you will rarely need that’s likely not that expensive in the first place, isn’t the strongest benefit.

Alternatives to the Zales Card for Poor or No Credit

If you’re considering the Zales credit card because your credit is marginal and you might want to consider Capital One® QuicksilverOne®. You’ll be earning cash back on your purchases with this card.

A Simpler Alternative

A more basic secured card that does not earn rewards, but certainly one that will help you build a credit history, is the Platinum credit card from Capital One. The card has no annual fee, and you’ll have access to a higher credit limit after you make your first five payments on time.

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