What is a Georgia Super Speeder Ticket?

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Can You Get Arrested for Speeding in Georgia?

Yes, if you are going very fast in Georgia, you can. Since reckless driving GA under OCGA 40-6-390 is categorized as a serious driving offense, if this is also charged, an arrest is possible. Plus, committing multiple dangerous driving acts (e.g., following too closely, changing lanes without signaling) can possibly trigger an aggressive driving charge, under OCGA 40-6-397.


How long does a super speeder conviction stay on my record?

Your criminal record in Georgia (GCIC) is the official record kept by the State. If you are convicted of a crime here, it will stay on your record forever unless you successfully apply for post-conviction relief, which may include “record restriction.” It should be noted that Georgia’s Record Restriction statute is extremely limited. There may be other post-conviction remedies available to you, but those are limited as well. That is why it is important to fight your case instead of pleading at the first chance you get.

A speeding ticket that also qualifies for a super speeder designation may, therefore, come up on your record during any future criminal background check.

It is no different from any other misdemeanor criminal offense in this respect. This is why it is important not to simply accept a super speeder ticket without considering your legal options.

As well as the possible license suspension, a super speeder ticket can also cause a strain on long-term finances with increased car insurance payments.  

A super speeder conviction will typically remain on your car insurance policy for up to 35 months. 

How Much Is a Super Speeder Ticket in Georgia?

Super speeder law is a pure money grab and has irr

Super speeder law is a pure money grab and has irritated every driver who (after paying fines and surcharges at traffic court on their traffic ticket criminal case, under Georgia speeding laws) receives another bill from Georgia, in the U S Mail. The State of Georgia demands another payment of $200 to DDS Georgia.

Does a Super Speeder go on your driving record?

You will not be deducted points for getting a Super Speeder, but speeding violations will show up on your driving record. You will have at least four points deducted from your license for getting a speeding ticket in Georgia.That would climb to a six-point deduction if you were caught going at least 34 mph over the speed limit. If you live in Georgia and lose 15 points off your license in two years or less, your license will be suspended.

Key Takeaway You can have up to six points deducted from your license if you speed in Georgia.

License Suspension

If you are convicted of violating the Super Speeder Law, you have 120 days from the notice date to pay the fine, otherwise your driver’s license will be suspended. You cannot have your license reinstated until you pay the Super Speeder fine and a $50 license reinstatement fee to Georgia’s Department of Driver Services. Drivers can pay Super Speeder fines online.

What If I am an Out-of-State Driver?

Out-of-state drivers are still subject to the same requirements as drivers who reside in Georgia. If they do not pay the Super Speeder fee, they will be subject to a suspension of their driving privileges in Georgia. Additionally, the suspension will be reported to the licensing authority of the driver’s home state, which may take further action if it desires.

How much is the Super Speeder fee?

The initial fee for a Super Speeder is $200. On top of that, you will have to pay a fine to the jurisdiction for speeding. These speeding fees are set by the jurisdiction and will vary according to the region where you get ticketed. Regardless of the jurisdiction, a Super Speeder violation tends to be expensive. For instance, in the jurisdiction of Hinesville, you will have to pay an additional $688 for going 24 mph or higher over the speed limit. This is in addition to the $200 fee you will have to pay for getting a Super Speeder. MORE: Can You Lose Your License for a Speeding Ticket?

Fines And Penalties For Super Speeders

Speeding tickets and or penalties can impact your employment opportunities and insurance rates. The maximum speed limit for most rural interstates in Georgia is 70 miles per hour. Anyone that is driving at 15 miles per hour over this speed limit is breaking the law and will receive two points on their license. In Atlanta’s urban interstate, the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Anyone speeding at 30 miles per hour over this speed limit will get four points added to their license. 

Super Speeder Points

Those who exceed the speed limit by more than 30 miles per hour will get six points. In addition, you may lose your driving license if you receive more than 15 points in total within two years.  There are additional fines and fees for people that fail to pay a speeding ticket. 

You should also keep in mind that we haven’t even discussed the punitive damages you could face in addition to criminal penalties.

Is a Super Speeder Ticket Like Reckless Driving?

Super speeding is a type of reckless driving; however, the penalties are somewhat different. If you receive a conviction for super speeding, it will show up on a criminal background check. If you apply for jobs with duties related to driving, then your potential employer may be concerned about a super speeder ticket in your past.

A reckless driving conviction is a criminal misdemeanor, which may result in additional penalties and even jail time. Although a super speeding ticket will not result in jail time, it does result in a criminal fine of an additional $200.

You should avoid a super speeding ticket by working with a super speeder lawyer. If you receive notification that you were caught speeding at speeds above 75 mph on a two lane road or over 85 mph on other roads, then you should contact an attorney right away.

Fighting a Super Speeder Ticket

Although you may feel defeated after receiving notice of a super speeder ticket, you can fight it. You may be able to avoid the increased insurance premium, criminal fines, and other penalties. Your super speeder lawyer may be able to:

  • Negotiate your ticket to a lesser charge;
  • Dispute the speeding results by invalidating the police report, laser, radar, or other methods used by the police officer; or
  • Represent you in court, if necessary.

Fighting a speeding ticket can seem overwhelming; however, by working with a super speeder lawyer, you can achieve the best outcome possible in your situation.

Contact a Douglas Super Speeder Ticket Defense Attorney

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