What does unlapsed mean?

Oversight in a Sentence

  1. Rob apologized for the oversight, insisting that it was a mistake that would never happen again. …
  2. The politician figured that he could always apologize for the budgeting error, claiming that it was merely an oversight.


What does Unlap mean in F1?

Verstappen had five back-lying drivers between him and his the defending champion, all which were initially unable to pass the safety car and “un-lap” themselves. It would have meant Verstappen needing to bypass a hoard of cars and challenge Hamilton on the last lap – a feat likely too great.

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What is safety car in F1?

Procedure. In Formula One if an accident or inclement weather (typically, heavy rain) prevents normal racing from continuing safely, the Race Director will call for a safety car period, which would see marshals wave yellow flags and hold SC boards, pending the car in question entering the track.


This word is used to name a former member of some religion. That is, someone who remains current over time.

The meaning of unlapsed can go beyond what we think, not only referencing something not expired, but also, something that prevails in a mystical way. A notable example is the prevalence of the immortal soul, “Unlapsed Soul” in English.