Vehicle Salvage Title Rules in Ohio

Clerk of Courts Schedule of Fees

The title and miscellaneous fees assessed by this office are prescribed by the statutes and provisions set forth by the External linkOhio Revised Code.

Original Title $15.00
Replacement Titles $15.00
Duplicate Titles $15.00
Lien Notations (with or without memo) $15.00
Repossession Titles $15.00
Leasing Dealer $15.00
Dealer Resale w/Lien or Lien Notation $15.00
Daily Rental, Company and Vendor $15.00
Salvage with Lien (with or without memo) $15.00
Memorandum Only $5.00
Dealer Resale Titles $5.00
Late Fee $5.00
Archive Fee $5.00
Salvage Titles $4.00
Salvage Replacement $4.00
Inspection Fee $1.50
Affidavit Fee $1.00

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How to Get an Ohio Salvaged Title

The first step to getting your total loss vehicle repaired, inspected, and retitled is obtaining a salvaged title. You can apply for an OH salvage title in person at your local BMV title office by submitting:

  • A completed Application(s) for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle (Form BMV 3774).
  • Your car’s certificate of title.
  • Possible required paperwork from your insurance company or lienholder, if applicable.
    • Contact your insurance company and the BMV title office for the paperwork specific to your situation.
  • Payment for the $4 salvage title fee and any other associated costs. 
    • Call the title office ahead of time about any other county-related fees and taxes you may owe.

Now that you have your salvaged title, it’s time to start repairing your car to the state’s safety and legal standards. You may choose to do this on your own or take your car to a repair shop if you aren’t familiar with rebuilding vehicles.

If you have questions about applying for a salvaged title in OH, call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at (614) 752-7671. 

OH Rebuilt Title Application

To apply for a rebuilt car title with the OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles, provide the following items at your local BMV title office:

  • A completed Application(s) for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle (Form BMV 3774).
  • Your salvage vehicle title.
  • Proof that your vehicle passed inspection.
  • Payment for the applicable title fees—this varies by county, so call the title office ahead of time for specifics on what you’ll owe.

When all your paperwork is approved, the BMV will issue a new Ohio certificate of title, stamped “Rebuilt Salvage.” With this title, you can legally drive your car again or even sell it as a roadworthy vehicle.

If you need help putting together your rebuilt title application, don’t hesitate to call the OH BMV at (614) 752-7671.

Getting an Inspection

Present all required documentation for salvage inspections:

  • Ohio salvage title in the name of the person applying for title. Assigned titles and out-of-state salvage titles are not accepted.
  • Receipts for all replaced “major component parts” (listed below). This includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the source vehicle.
  • If receipts are from a casual sale by an individual, they must be notarized.
  • Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable.
  • The inspection officer may require receipts or documentation for any part of questionable origin (ORC, Section 4505.11).

Manufactured Homes

What do I need to sell my manufactured home?

The seller must complete the assignment of ownership portion on the back of the title in the presence of a notary public before presenting it to the buyer. If the manufactured home has not been previously titled, the seller must present proof of ownership to our office and establish an Ohio title in their name before it can be sold. Call 614.525.3090 for details.

What steps do I need to take to transfer a manufactured home into my name?

  1. Obtain conveyance fee and transfer stamps by presenting the assigned title to the Franklin County Auditor’s Office, Conveyance Tax & Transfer Section located at theFranklin County Courthouse 373 S. High St., 19th floor Columbus, OH 43215Fees may apply. Please call 614.525.3253 or visit the External linkFranklin County Auditor’s website.
  2. Obtain a red “taxes paid” validation stamp by presenting the assigned title to the Franklin County Treasurer’s Office, located at theFranklin County Courthouse 373 S. High St., 17th floor Columbus, OH 43215Please call 614.525.3438 or visit theExternal link Franklin County Treasurer’s website for details.
  3. Present your Title to the Clerk of Courts Auto Title office to complete the transfer process.

What is A Salvage Vehicle Title?

Potentially a red flag! A salvage title is a form of title that is given to a vehicle that has sustained major damage or has been written off as salvage by an insurance company. This type of title is considered a “branded” title and means that at some point in the history of this vehicle, it was deemed a total loss by an insurance company. It also means that you may or may not be able to insure the vehicle in the future.

Repair and Receipt Requirements

You need a receipt for the various major parts used to repair the vehicle or any that cost $100 or more. Registration numbers or other identification numbers located on repair parts must remain on the part. The vehicle may be modified, such as tinted windows instead of clear or bucket seats instead of bench seats. However, all repairs must be done in compliance with street legal vehicle regulations. For instance, cracked windshields, damaged or non-working head lights and tail lights or a lack of seat belts are not allowed in a rebuilt vehicle.

Finding Insurance

Once you have your rebuilt title, you will find that getting liability insurance is relatively easy through most companies. This type of coverage will cover those that your vehicle hits, and the cost of the insurance isn’t affected by the title of the vehicle.

On the other hand, getting other types of insurance coverage on the vehicle can be a bit more difficult. Many companies will not offer full coverage on a rebuilt title simply because the value of the vehicle (SUV. Ford, Nissan, etc.) can be difficult to determine. The insurance companies sometimes hesitate when it comes to offering coverage on rebuilt salvage cars.

However some insurers out there will offer insurance on these vehicles with rebuilt titles. One of the most widely known is Progressive, but you can find others as well.

Start looking for insurance companies that will offer coverage for these salvage auction cars before you actually buy. Have a list of potential companies ready, and see what they have to say about the price. Generally, the prices should not be higher than when insuring a new vehicle or another vehicle with a regular title, since the insurance company is not taking on any more risk in the event the car is in an accident.

For Destruction

No motor vehicle the certificate of title to which has been marked "For Destruction" and surrendered to a clerk of a court of common pleas shall be used for anything except parts and scrap metal. Never buy a vehicle with this type of title with the hopes of restoring it.

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