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How Much Will My Windshield Replacement Cost?

On average, a windshield replacement will cost anywhere from $200 to $400. The cost for your windshield replacement is determined not only by the type of auto glass company you hire for the job but also where your car is fixed. If, for example, you schedule a mobile appointment while you’re at work, that may cost you more money out of pocket. 

An insurance company will only cover your expenses if you drop your car off at a shop. The rates for an in-shop fix at an auto body shop are typically lower than having a mechanic come out to you.

Let’s take a look at other considerations at play that determine the dollar amount of a windshield replacement.


Repairing The Windshield

If you have just a chip in the windshield or if the crack is smaller than a dollar bill, you might not need to have your windshield replaced. In a case like this, you could get away with just having the windshield repaired. This is less expensive than having the windshield replaced, and it can be done in half the time. Whether your windshield can be repaired or replaced would be determined by the certified professional when you bring your vehicle in.

Car Windshield Replacement Near Me

How much is it to replace a windshield near you?

Car window replacement cost varies across the country. In order to get the best idea of what it will cost in your area, use to receive an instant quote from local shops in your area. No contact information is required.

The costs quoted through are considered base prices, which do not factor in upgrade options such as heads-up display, rain-sensing wipers, and others that will increase the average price of a windshield replacement. We’ll explain more about how these options affect price later in this article.

When Should I Replace My Windshield?

The moment you see any sort of damage to your windshield, such as from a recent hail storm, you should schedule an appointment with your local body shop to have the glass replaced or, at the very least, repaired. A small crack or chip may seem innocuous at first, but these can grow or, as it’s commonly called, “spider web” over time. The larger cracks that can form if the glass isn’t taken care of quickly have the potential to become not only a danger to you but your passengers as well. 

You may not realize it, but the windshield of your car is actually a very important safety feature; it is actually labeled as a “safety device.” The windshield assists your car in maintaining its structure. For example, if your car were to flip over in an accident, the windshield would keep the roof from caving in on you. 

It also supports the performance of your car’s passenger-side airbags. This is why you should never hesitate to schedule an appointment with a mechanic if you discover that you have any chips or cracks in the windshield of your car.

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Car Windshield Replacement DIY or Professional

When it comes to windshield replacement, there’s always a choice between DIY or professional. Which one should you choose? More often than not, the choice is dictated by cost. Many car owners would wonder how much a windshield replacement costs or a windshield replacement fee. The installation cost will add up to the total replacement expenses, and you can significantly save a lot if you can avoid professional installation and go for the DIY option. 

However, if you opt to replace the windshield on your own, you need to have the time to do the process plus the passion for DIY projects. In the digital world, we live in today, there are plenty of resources, and you can easily find videos that show the step-by-step process of the whole installation. Nothing should go wrong if you can adequately follow each step of the procedures.

In any case, there are pros and cons to each option between DIY or professional installation services. So, let’s check them out so you can arrive at a better decision between the two choices.

DIY Windshield Installation – Pros and Cons

A DIY installation is an available choice if the insurance does not cover the replacement of the windshield. Otherwise, you have no choice but to adhere to the insurance coverage stipulations and have the replacement done in accredited shops.


  • It might be cheaper, although generally, they are around the same price range. Everything you’ll need for a DIY replacement will cost you $100 on the lower end and $400 on the higher. In comparison, the average cost for a professional replacement is around $200-$400. 
  • Flexibility in time, and you can do it anytime as you please without needing an appointment.
  • You will learn new skills.


  • Needs ample time for the preparation and installation of the glass
  • You should have suitable materials and tools to use for the installation.
  • It would help if you had a partner, and doing it solo may increase the chances of breakage when handling the highly fragile windshield glass.

Professional Glass Expert Windshield Installation – Pros and Cons

Going for professional services is always the best option. As most people would say, “Leave it to the experts.” After all, it’s their job, and they have the experience advantage, while some of them have undergone proper training. Moreover, experts know the correct pressure to apply to the glass after the windshield is installed. But, despite the many benefits, there are also a few flaws with this option. Too much pressure and the glass could break, while too little and the adhesives may not settle down enough to harden in a tight grip.


Windshield Replacement Get 3 Local Offers in 10 sec

  • Stress-free replacement — leave it to the experts.
  • Clean and professional finish
  • They have the more advanced equipment and the right tools for the job.


  • You need to have an appointment for the replacement, and sometimes it may take time to get a schedule, further delaying the process.
  • It could be more expensive if not covered by insurance.

Cost is a critical decision factor between the two options. If cost is not an issue, by all means, let the experts do the professional replacement of the windshield. But if you love working on DIY projects during weekends, a windshield replacement presents an excellent opportunity for another DIY task you can look forward to.

Step 1: Purchase a Replacement Windshield

If you check online, there are sites that sell replacement windshields. Be wary and skeptical before forking over your credit card number it might be the wisest option to just call. That will also be helpful when it comes to price, because if you have a live human being on the phone, there’s a good chance you can haggle on the cost. If you do not like any of the prices online, another option is to try to find a second-hand windshield. While not as commonplace as side windows, there are still whole windshields out there, if you know where to look. Try salvage yards first. If that yields nothing, try looking around on Craigslist in the auto parts section (or post your own ad saying that you’re looking for one – it’s free and easy).

How to Ensure a Quality Repair

Your windshield is classified as a “safety device” because it provides structural strength to the body of your vehicle and supports inflation and performance of passenger side airbags. This being said, it is vital to ensure a grade A repair is made when having your windshield replaced. The quality and proper installation of the auto glass adhesive is equally as important as the quality of the windshield.

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

A windshield replacement does not take as long as many people think. In general, it should not take more than an hour to replace a windshield with minor cracks and chips. In some cases, it can be as quick as 30 minutes to complete the process. But if the glass is totally shattered, it may take more time considering the necessary cleaning job to get rid of all debris.

The actual time it may take to replace the windshield may take less than an hour. But it is crucial to allocate at least 3 hours or more for the replacement schedule. Once you install the new windshield, it is advisable not to drive the vehicle for about one hour or more to allow enough time for the new windshield to settle down and the adhesive to harden enough to keep the windshield properly secure and in place. You can’t remove the tape, wash the car, or slam the doors for the next 48 hours.

ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration

Most modern vehicles offer various driver assistance and safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and surround-view cameras. These systems often need to be recalibrated when replacing your windshield. AutoNation Honda Lewisville has the advanced tools and technology to correctly calibrate your vehicle’s driver assistance systems, something many other repair shops do not offer.

Stay safe on the road with a repaired windshield and correctly calibrated driver assistance systems. Schedule a windshield replacement appointment at AutoNation Honda Lewisville today!

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