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It's horrible to know that your text caused an accident, "I'm Driving" App let you know who in your contacts is driving by adding Car Emoji to their names so that you don't text or call them and let others know that you are driving. Basic features: Simple Interface: Single button to start and stop driving Know who is driving in all Apps that uses contacts : iMessage, Phone, Contacts, WhatsApp, Viber … etc No need to open the app: the app tries to update the contacts in the background Single notification: the App will not annoy you if the app couldn't update any number of contacts it will show you SINGLE notification 100% Free: because your life matters there is NO any paid features it just contains Ads


My Trip Information

  • Here are some frequently found issues to check:Is the app installed?Are you logged in?Is the phone location set to always?Is motion & fitness enabled for the app?Did your phone put the app to sleep? Check Battery Optimization There are other items that may cause trips not to log:Low battery, sparse cell towers, etc can cause incomplete or missing tripsShort trips, under a mile, may not be logged Remember, trips may take up to a day to appear in DriveEasy. Be sure to check back. After doing these troubleshooting steps, sit back and Drive…easy. If these steps didn’t allow the app to log a trip after 1-2 days, call service at 1-800-841-3000. As a reminder, all drivers must ensure that DriveEasy is gathering trip information to keep your discount.

  • DriveEasy uses technology that detects movement, relies on your phone’s sensors, and uses your GPS location. It will identify when you’re a passenger in the car and/or when you’re on a bus or train so your trip does not count in your score. DriveEasy will only count trips when you’re the driver. If DriveEasy misclassifies the trip type (Driver, Passenger, or Not a Car), you are able to correct the trip.

  • The app doesn’t have a way to distinguish if the phone use was by the driver or the passenger, therefore the app will consider their use of your phone while you are driving as distracted driving. If a trip is logged while you are the driver, but a passenger in the vehicle was actively using your phone, you should update your driver status to passenger so that this doesn’t impact your driving score.

  • On occasion, DriveEasy may misclassify a trip type (Driver, Passenger, or Not a Car). If this happens, correct the trip’s driver status by selecting View All Trips from the Last Drive card. Then, select the trip with the incorrect driver status. Once you’ve selected the trip, click on the driver status selector (marked Driver, Passenger, or Not A Car), and select the correct status.

  • This happens very rarely, so you’ll usually have nothing to do after your trip! If it does, your location services may have been off or your trip was considered short (less than a mile). Make sure your location services are on. If we should have logged your trip, let us know by reporting the issue in the Feedback feature in the app menu.

  • The app will often miss the first ¼ mile of a trip because it makes sure you really are on a trip before gathering GPS information. If the trip was longer and we should have logged your trip, let us know by reporting the issue in the Feedback feature in the app menu.

  • At this point in our program, we do not have a way to separate work and pleasure mileage. We log all mileage regardless of which vehicle you drive to provide you with the most accurate driving feedback. You are welcome to use our program, no matter your occupation, but you would still be required to stay logged into the app at all times and your driving behaviors while working would be included in your score.

  • Not at all. Once you initially adjust your settings when you install the application, you don’t need to open or close the app on your trips! DriveEasy remains in a dormant state, until driving-like behavior is detected. Once your trip ends, the app will upload the data to the cloud. The data is processed, and then your trip information and scores are sent back to be displayed on your smartphone.

Privacy & Technical FAQs

How to Turn Off Driving Mode

Although this driving mode offers safety benefits, you may want to disable it and make your own decisions as far as when or when not to look at your iPhone.

Do Not Disturb While Driving activates automatically when your iPhone senses that you're driving. You can turn it on or off manually via the iOS Control Center. First, however, you neeed to add it to the Control Center options. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

  2. Select Control Center.

  3. Tap Customize Controls.

  4. Under More Controls, tap the plus sign next to Do Not Disturb While Driving.

    If the icon already appears under the Include heading at the top of the screen, the feature is already active.

  5. Return to the Home screen.

    On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone display to open the Control Center.

    On an iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.

  6. Tap the car icon to disable or enable Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Since Do Not Disturb While Driving mode can sense when you're in motion, it will occasionally be activated on passenger iPhones as well. If you're the passenger, tap the I'm Not Driving button if this occurs.

what someone is driving at

1986 Robert Sproat Stunning the Punters Martin is always saying things where I can’t see what he’s driving at. See also: driving, someone, whatFarlex Partner Idioms Dictionary © Farlex 2017

Stick to Daytime Driving at First

If you are a new driver and you are nervous, or even if you are an experienced driver who is nervous, it is a good idea to try not to drive anywhere at night if you can avoid it. You have more to worry about at night because people, animals and other vehicles are much more difficult to see than in the daylight.

Study by Forbes.com

It is best to stick with day time driving, at least in the beginning, until you are more used to driving by yourself. Once you have gotten over your fears of driving during the day time, then you can start to conquer your fear of night driving.


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