How to tell if someone has been snooping on your iPhone in seconds

How do you know if you are spied on

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Some of the most obvious signs you are being spied on include: Someone seems to always be “bumping into you” in public.

As if they always know when and where to find you.

During divorce or separation, your ex-partner knows more details than they should about your activities, finances, or other details..

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Can you spy on someones phone without installing software

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Fortunately, times have now changed. Now, you can spy on any phone you want, that too without installing software such as “mSpy software”. Today, if you want to know about someone, all you have to do is access their phone.

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Change iPhone passcode

Now you should probably change your passcode.

You can do this by going to Settings, followed by Face ID & Passcode.

Enter your current passcode, then scroll down to Change Passcode.

Set a new passcode — and don’t share it with anyone.

Can Someone Read My WhatsApp Messages on My Cell Phone?

Sadly, yes. While it isn’t possible on iOS devices, due to the operating system’s sandboxing security, it is possible for apps to intercept your WhatsApp messages on Android devices. If you think this is happening, search for and uninstall the apps by following the instructions I discussed earlier in this article.

Is There an App to See if Your Phone is Tapped?

There are no reliable apps that I am aware of that can detect if your phone is being tapped. However, there are apps for the Android platform that do have the capabilities of recording your calls and sending them back to the bad actors that created the app. To check for these apps, check the permissions for all of the installed apps on your device, following the steps I laid out above.

As for iPhone users, keep an eye on the indicator at the top of the screen to see if any app is using your microphone surreptitiously.

Can Someone Spy on My Phone Without Touching It?

Most of the time, someone needs physical access to your phone to install spyware onto it.

However, as we’ve seen, it’s also possible to install spyware remotely by convincing you to download the compromised app yourself. This can be done through phishing emails, corrupted SMS messages, and trojan horse apps.

Unfortunately, spyware apps aren’t the only way that someone can spy on your phone activity, though.

ISPs, governments, WiFi administrators, search engines, website owners, and hackers all have the capacity to spy on certain aspects of what you do on your phone – without having to install any spyware software.

For example, your ISP (and any government agency that asks to view its logs) can see which websites you visit, how long you spend there, your social media activity, who you send emails to, where you’re located, and much much more.

As we live more of our lives online, it’s becoming easier for authorities, big businesses and hackers to spy on our activities. It’s therefore crucial you start to take steps to secure your phone and protect your online privacy.

Start by using the below two online privacy and security tools:

  1. Using a Private Browser: Default browsers like Safari, Chrome, or UC Browser are simply not privacy-friendly. Using a genuinely private browser on your phone, like Firefox Focus, makes it much harder for websites to track your activities online.
  2. Using a Virtual Private Network: A VPN is software that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel to the internet. A safe VPN like ExpressVPN stops ISPs, governments, and WiFi snoopers from seeing what you’re doing online. It also changes your IP address so your activities can’t be traced back to you. To learn more, read our beginner’s guide to VPNs.

Install anti-spyware app

Anti-spyware apps may help to detect anything that doesn’t look right.

Certo AntiSpy isn’t strictly an app — it’s more of a tool you can run on your computer.

iVerify is a security toolkit app you might also want to consider.

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How to protect my phone from spying?

You can avoid having someone use your phone to spy on you by following good security practices:

  • Always keep software up-to-date
  • Never open any suspicious emails or links
  • Don’t download unknown applications
  • Use strong passwords that only you know
  • Install a good security application

Clario’s security app provides an extra layer of protection against spy software and other attacks. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to secure your phone and protect your device from hackers and other malicious operators.

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Step 3: Check your browser history

Last, go into your web browser of choice. Look through the tabs to see if any you previously opened were closed or if there are new tabs open for sites you don’t remember visiting. If you use Google Chrome, you can also search through your web history from another device. Even if the local info was wiped away, your history might be recorded elsewhere.

Tap or click here for steps on checking (and deleting) everything you’ve searched for on Google.

Checking your laptop

Checking your laptop for recent activity is similar to the process we just described for your phone. Looking at the installed apps is a good start: On Windows, open up Apps from Settings, and head to the Apps & features screen. You can sort the list of apps by installation date to see if something unfamiliar has been added to your computer.

On macOS head to the Applications folder in Finder. Here you can group the installed apps by date by clicking View, Group By, and Date Added. There’s also Screen Time on a Mac, which works just as it does on an iPhone or iPad. Open the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences and Screen Time to see which programs have been open recently.

Digging back through your web browser’s history may reveal activity on your laptop you didn’t know about. In Chrome, for example, you can click the three dots (top right) then History to see it. In Safari, choose History then Show All History. Any other browser you or someone else might have used will have a similar history feature that shouldn’t be difficult to find.

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Any kind of activity related to Google apps—from search to Gmail—will be logged on the My Google Activity page in your account. It’s handy if you use Google apps inside your web browser a lot.

Another idea is to check the list of recently edited files, which might reveal unauthorized activity. On Windows, type “run” into the taskbar search box, choose the Run app, and run the “recent” command—a list of recently edited files will appear. It’s a little easier in macOS, because you can just click the Recents link in Finder.

It’s also worth diving into individual applications to see what you can discover about recent activity. For example, image editing programs, word processors and many other apps will have a list of recently opened files, which you can check out. In Excel for Windows, for example, go to File, Open, and Recent. Other programs will have something similar.

Remember that a lot of websites and web apps will give you a customized breakdown of your recent history, too. You can very easily bring up your YouTube history or your Netflix history and check if there’s any unfamiliar movements.

If someone has accessed your computer, there are ways of getting around the checks that we’ve mentioned. Browsing the web in an incognito or private mode so it won’t show up in your history, is an easy one most people know about. Keep this in mind and treat these checks as helpful pointers rather than conclusive evidence that your laptop has or hasn’t been accessed.

Can someone watch you through your phone?

With the right motivation, access, and software, anyone, including hackers, police officers, and government agents, could watch you through your phone.

The Guardian reports an instance where a documentary filmmaker installed spy software on a phone and let someone steal it. The original owner then spied on the thief, watching through the device’s camera and listening with the microphone.

The hard part for hackers is getting the spy software on your phone. But, as the Guardian story states, spies can use one of many avenues to infiltrate your device, including compromised apps, PDF files, and emojis. Even without a hack involved, some people believe their phones listen to their private conversations.

USA Today reports that at least 25 police departments in the United States have access to a Stingray, a device that acts as a fake cell tower and tricks nearby phones into connecting to it. Police can then surveil anyone caught in the trap. If law enforcement or a government agency feels the need to spy on you, they’ll undoubtedly use every tool at their disposal.

How To Catch Someone Snooping In Your Phone

Is someone going through your phone all the time without your consent? If yes, then follow the below steps to catch them when next they come.

  • Install the app for android and iOS devices that allows your phone to captures the face of whoever attempts to unlock your phone. Download for android or download for iOS.
  • Now open the app.
  • Run the setup and activate it immediately.

That is all; your phone will use the front camera to capture whoever attempts to unlock your phone. It will also help you to know each time someone went through your phone without your knowledge.

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