How To Disable the “Are You Driving” Message on an iPhone

Set up a Driving Focus

If you didn’t previously use Do Not Disturb while Driving on iOS 14 or earlier, you need to set up a Driving Focus in order to turn it on. Here’s how: 

Share your Focus Status

When you set up the Driving Focus, you can turn on Focus Status so that apps display to people who message you that you have notifications silenced. The apps only know that you have notifications silenced. Apps don’t know which Focus you have turned on, so the name is never shared. Focus Status is shared in apps when you have a Focus turned on and after you give an app permission.


How to Turn Off Do Not Disturb While Driving on Android

There are four ways to get rid of Do Not Disturb mode on Android while driving.

1. Driving Mode Settings

1. Open Settings on your Android phone and tap on “Connected devices.”

2. Tap on “Connection preferences” followed by “Driving mode.”

3. Tap on “Turn on automatically” and make sure neither toggle next to “When driving is detected” and “When connected to Bluetooth” is turned on. If that doesn’t help, go back to the previous screen and tap on Behavior instead of “Turn on automatically.” Choose Open “Android auto” instead of “Turn on Do Not disturb.”

2. From Do Not Disturb Settings

Alternatively, you can disable Do not disturb while driving permanently from DND settings as well. However, this method will only work when you are in a moving car.

1. Open Settings and go to Sound.

2. Tap on “Do Not Disturb” followed by Schedules.

3. Here you will see the Driving Mode schedule. Tap on the Settings toggle next to it. Turn off the “When driving is detected” and “When connected to Bluetooth” toggles on the next screen.

3. Using Carrier App

If your Android phone is carrier locked, you should look for a preinstalled app from your carrier. Open that and check its settings to find the Do Not Disturb mode while driving feature. Turn it off.

4. From Quick Settings

To turn off Do Not Disturb mode temporarily on an Android phone while driving, open Quick Settings and tap on the Do Not Disturb icon.

Do Not Disturb While Driving Activate With CarPlay

Apple also allows users to enable Do Dot Disturb mode with CarPlay. This means whenever your iPhone connects to your vehicle’s CarPlay, iOS will automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode as well. You can use this feature even when Manually is selected for activation. This way Do Not Disturb will only enable when you are in your own car and your iPhone is connected with CarPlay, and not when you are travelling as a passenger.

Follow these steps to only enable Do Not Disturb While Driving’s Activate with CarPlay feature.

 On your iPhone open Settings and go to Do Not Dis

  1. On your iPhone open Settings and go to Do Not Disturb.
  2. Scroll down and under Do Not Disturb While Driving heading tap on Activate option.
  3. Enable the toggle for Activate With CarPlay toggle and exit.

How to turn on an iPhone’s driving mode manually

If you prefer, you can choose when to turn on driving mode. It’s easy to access with just a swipe, but first you have to add it to the Control Panel:

1. Start the Settings app. 

2. Tap “Control Center.”

3. Tap “Customize Controls.”

4. In the More Controls section, tap “Do Not Disturb While Driving” to add it to the Include section.

Add Do Not Disturb While Driving to your Control Center so you can turn it on with a single swipe.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

To enable driving mode manually, pull down the Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the screen (iPhone X or later), or up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 8 Plus or earlier), and then tap the icon of a car. This turns on Do Not Disturb While Driving.

The Do Not Disturb While Driving button looks like a car.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider


  • Driving mode usually won’t activate on your Android if you haven’t intentionally set it up beforehand.

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Disable Location Settings

Driving Mode uses your phone’s location services to determine whether you might be driving. Another way to permanently disable it is to disable location services for “Do Not Disturb While Driving.” Here’s how:

  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Privacy,” “Location Services,” then “System Services.”
  3. Now turn off “Location-Based Alerts.”

What Is Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode?

By default, the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature disables some functionality while still allowing certain notifications and calls to go through. 

The functionality described below assumes that you have not made any modifications to these individual settings. If you have, your driving mode experience may differ.

  • Alarms, timers, and emergency alerts will still function as usual even when driving mode is active.
  • When a text message arrives, your iPhone screen will not light up, and your device will not make a sound. An automatic reply goes to the recipient to inform them that you’re driving at the moment. At that point, they can choose to type “Urgent,” which will bypass driving mode and force both an audible and visible notification. 
  • If your iPhone is connected to your automobile’s Bluetooth, it will permit all incoming phone calls. If it’s not, however, driving mode will utilize your standard Do Not Disturb settings. You can choose to allow calls from those contacts designated as Favorites, or from anyone who makes back-to-back calls. You can configure these preferences in the Settings app.