How to Cancel Your Progressive Policy in 5 Easy Steps

Need help canceling your prior insurance?

We’ve got you covered. Just open and print the Cancel Previous Insurance Letter, fill in your information, and then mail it to your previous insurer. Please do not return this letter to GEICO.

After your prior insurance company receives the request, they will process any refund that may be owed to you*.

* Some companies may deduct an early cancellation penalty; review your policy paperwork to see if this applies to you.

Purchase A New Policy Before Cancellation Of Your Current Policy

Being uninsured for even a day can have expensive consequences.  If you plan to own a car after you cancel your policy, you will need to have purchased a new policy prior to your cancellation date.

Be proactive about lining up your cancellation date with the date your new policy comes into effect.  Letting your coverage lapse could result in liability for damages caused by an at-fault accident, as well as high premiums later on.  A lapse in coverage on your record will earn you a label of "high-risk driver."


How to be smart about switching car insurance

Here are a few tips to consider when learning how to switch car insurance:

  • Use an auto-comparison website. These tools typically take only a few minutes to provide available insurance quotes in your area. This makes it quick and easy to compare different policies all in one place.
  • Compare equal coverages. Remember to compare like for like when researching other insurance policies. If you want to get accurate pricing, look for policy quotes that offer the same types of car insurance coverage you currently have and the same car insurance deductible too.
  • Avoid a lapse in coverage. When you’re ready to switch, keep a day or two of overlapping coverage between your old policy and your new policy. This will ensure you aren’t driving without insurance.
  • Check for cancellation fees. Take a few minutes to check your policy’s terms when it comes to canceling coverage. You may not incur any fees, but checking can help you understand your policy and avoid potential charges when you want to switch providers.
  • Get a refund when you cancel. If you’ve paid your current insurance policy’s premiums in advance, you could be eligible for a refund if you cancel. Talk with your insurance provider to learn how the refund works and when you should receive it after canceling.
  • Consider multi-policy discounts. Canceling an insurance policy that’s part of a bundle could forfeit your multi-policy discount. Consider the amount you’re saving with the discount before canceling and switching insurance providers.

How Long Do I Have To Wait for a Progressive Cancellation Refund?

While Progressive has been known to return premium refunds within seven days, this isn’t always the case. The insurance company will automatically calculate your credit by the end of each billing period. The funds are refunded by the middle of the following month. If you continue to receive coverage and are set to receive a premium refund, the money will be sent to your outstanding balance.

5. Can You Cancel Progressive Insurance Online

5. How To Cancel Progressive Car Insurance. Cancelling your Progressive auto insurance cannot be done online. Instead, you must call their customer service at 1 (14)

How much will I pay for car insurance if I cancel my Progressive policy? — Progressive’s policy is to refund you the amount of any coverage (15)

When your auto insurance is canceled, the first thing you should do is call your current insurer. If your policy has only lapsed for a couple (16)

What Type of Fees Can I Expect After Canceling Progressive?

The fees associated with canceling Progressive can put a dent in your refund amounts. At least ten percent of your remaining coverage will be converted into a fee. You might also be billed for a cancellation fee.

How To Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance Online

Progressive makes it difficult to cancel your auto policy without speaking to someone on the phone, as we discussed above. There is no way to cancel through your Progressive app or on their website. If you wish to email your cancellation request to Progressive you can. Keep in mind that this is not advertised and not their preferred way. However, below is an email address that can be used to send your cancellation request. 

Because you are not speaking with someone live and can’t confirm that they have cancelled the policy, it’s important to send them everything they need to ensure your auto policy gets cancelled. Be sure to include the following in your cancellation request.

How To Cancel Progressive Car Insurance Online:

  • Needs to be an actual document
  • Include Your Name
  • Include Your Policy Number
  • Include your desired cancelation date
  • Explicitly state you with to cancel
  • Sign your name

How to cancel your Progressive insurance policy

These steps will take you through the process of canceling your Progressive car insurance policy, whether you’re trying to switch policies or get a better deal on your current policy.

1. Think about why you’re canceling

Do you want to cancel your Progressive policy because you don’t like the service you’ve received or are you looking for a better deal with a different insurer? If you haven’t had the best experience with Progressive, it likely makes sense to switch companies. However, it could be worth a shot to talk through your issues with Progressive first to see whether it can do anything to help the situation.

If you simply want a better deal on your auto insurance premium, it’s often a good idea to do some research on competitor policies and prices before calling Progressive to cancel. This could give you the information you need to negotiate a lower price with Progressive and not have to switch auto insurance companies at all. Or Progressive may suggest a different policy that you’re happier with, so it could be a win-win.

2. Check your policy terms

Looking over your current Progressive policy will help you find important details that can help during the cancellation process. Specifically, you want to find out when your coverage is set to expire, if there are any cancellation fees, and what kind of coverage you have.

It’s often best to cancel and switch car insurance policies when you’re about to reach the end of your current coverage. This is because you’re more likely to avoid an early cancellation fee if there is one and you might be notified of how much your upcoming insurance premiums will cost. Having this information can help you comparison shop more effectively.

In addition, knowing the exact coverage you have can help as you’re researching prices from other car insurance companies. You don’t necessarily want to downgrade your coverage amounts unless you feel you don’t need them. So having this information on hand can help you get accurate estimates for policies that match the amount of coverage you currently have.

3. Gather important information

You need certain information on hand when canceling your Progressive policy, so it’s best to gather and organize this information before calling in. This could include personal information, such as your name, address, and phone number, as well as your Progressive policy number.

You’ll also need to know the date you want your policy to end. This is important because you don’t want a lapse in your car insurance coverage if you’re still planning on owning and driving the same vehicle. A lapse in coverage would mean you don’t have any car insurance on your vehicle, which is illegal in most states and may carry the consequences of a suspension or a fine. It could also increase your insurance rate because you could be seen as more of a risk to insurance providers.

If you’re switching car insurance policies, it often makes sense to leave a day or two where both policies (your current policy and the policy you’re switching to) overlap. This helps ensure you don’t have a lapse in coverage on your driving record.

4. Research other car insurance quotes

If you want to negotiate a better deal with Progressive, it’s smart to have lower insurance quotes from other companies on hand before you call in. This will give the Progressive agent you talk to the incentive to match what you found or offer a better deal. If you’re for sure canceling your Progressive policy, you should already have another policy set up with your new insurer before you cancel with Progressive.

Whichever path you decide, researching the best car insurance companies is the first step to take. This is typically accomplished in one of three ways: checking each individual insurance company website, talking with insurance agents, or using an auto insurance comparison site.

Although any of these strategies can work, using an auto insurance comparison site is often the most helpful and efficient strategy. You typically fill out some information and then you get to compare most, if not all, the available insurance policies in your area at the same time. This often includes options from the most popular insurance companies.

Get a quote now Save up to $500 a year on your car insurance Compare dozens of providers in under 5 minutes Fast, free and easy way to shop for insurance Quickly find the perfect rate for you Get a quote now

5. Call Progressive to cancel

Call Progressive at 1-866-416-2003to cancel your insurance policy or negotiate a better rate on your current policy. Whichever stance you’re taking, remember to be firm, but polite. It’s likely part of the agent’s job responsibilities to try to convince you to stay, which is where you leverage the information you gathered while researching competitor quotes.

But if you’re set on canceling, politely let the agent know that’s the case. At this point you should have already signed up with a new insurance provider, so now you just have to set an end date for this policy and get it officially canceled. You’ll likely receive information about the cancellation in the mail and your email.

Canceling Your Progressive Auto Insurance Policy

To cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy you must call customer service and request a cancellation. Follow these simple steps to cancel your policy:


#3 Where can I find new car insurance after canceling my Progressive policy?

You should get a new policy before canceling your Progressive insurance. However, it’s not that hard to get quick auto insurance if you canceled first.

We can help you out. Use our tool below to get free quotes from multiple auto insurers.

Enter your ZIP code below to compare car insurance rates from multiple companies at once!


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Progressive Insurance Cancellation Fees

Canceling Progressive Insurance may lead to you having to pay certain fees – but in certain situations, you may not have to pay any fees at all. The website of the service states that there is no cancellation fee, but you may also not receive a full refund back.

Usually, some factors affect the amount you have to pay to cancel your Progressive insurance coverage. These aspects include how often you pay the premium, how far you are into the policy term, and the laws in your state. So, before you proceed with the cancellation, you must reach out to the customer service and ask about what fees you will have to pay, or you can simply check your Progressive policy to find out.

Some people declared they had to pay a flat rate between $50 and $65. Other people were charged 10% for their premium. At the same time, some people didn’t have to pay any fees.

Your experience will not be identical to another person’s – this is why you have to check the policy or talk to a representative to find out your cancellation fees.

Other options for car insurance

Because car insurance is based on a variety of factors, what works for one driver may not work for another. The best way to get a good rate is to compare car insurance quotesWe recommend comparing at least three options when you shop.

How to Decide When to Cancel a Progressive Auto Insurance Policy

There are many considerations to keep in mind before cancelling a Progressive auto insurance policy. Here are a few factors to help you decide if now is the right time to cancel.

  • Will you receive a refund? You can estimate your possible refund based on how far in advance you paid for your premium. For example, some customers like to pay 6 or 12 months in advance to get a pay in full discount. If you fall into this category, you’ll likely receive a refund for coverage you paid for in advance. 
  • Is your renewal date coming up? If your renewal date is approaching, you’re unlikely to pay any cancellation fees, making this the best time to cancel and make a clean break from Progressive. 
  • Will you owe money if you cancel? Every state has different rules about canceling before your renewal date, so check with your insurance agent to see if you will owe money. 
  • Do you already have a new policy? If you don’t already have a new policy lined up, hold off on canceling for now. Instead, purchase a new policy first, then proceed with your cancellation. 

Considerations Before Canceling

➤  Early Cancellation Fee

If you cancel in the middle of the policy term, Progressive Insurance will refund premiums for the unused days, less any cancellation fees. Cancellation fees only apply when you cancel your policy mid-term. If you are subject to a fee, plan on switching away from Progressive on the same day your current policy expires to avoid being charged.

Cost to cancel Progressive insurance depends on state legislation, length of policy and frequency of premium payments. Progressive’s cancellation costs have a mixed bag of reviews. Some paid a set fee of $50-$65, while others paid 10% of their outstanding premium. Many claim they paid no fees. Before you cancel, check your Progressive policy, or call customer support to see if there are any costs.

➤  Policy Lapsing

Did you know that most insurance carriers give extra discounts to drivers with no lapse in their coverage? If you cancel, have your new policy start right away so you avoid missing out on any savings. Also, it is best to have proof of new coverage when you cancel in case the carrier requires it.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to ensure you have a new policy in place so you aren’t left driving a vehicle you can no longer insure. The main concern is the likelihood of an accident while uninsured. If it happens, you’re liable for the damages. Your DMV may suspend your license or fine you. Driving without insurance can even result in jail time in several states. Don’t go there. Before you cancel Progressive, get a new auto policy.

Key Points

  • Progressive representatives are available to help you 24/7 at 1-888-671-4405.
  • You can switch insurers, even if you just renewed your policy with another insurance company.
  • Switching before your policy expires can cause a cancellation fee.
  • You should get quotes from other providers and compare before you cancel. Make sure your new policy is effective on or before the date you cancel your progressive policy.
  • When you cancel with an insurer, you’ll get a refund for the money you paid in advance. Ask the agent processing your cancellation what your refund will be and when you can expect it to arrive.
  • If you make an adjustment to your policy, the change may be effective immediately; in specific situations, you can choose the effective date.