How to cancel your progressive car insurance online?

What to do if you can’t afford or miss a car insurance payment

As soon as you realize you will likely miss or have already missed a car insurance payment, call your insurance company to let them know you’re aware of the situation and ask what you can do next. The options available will depend on how long you’ve gone without paying your car insurance bill, your insurance company’s policies and the laws of your state. But no matter the details of your situation, it’s key that you communicate with your insurance company to figure out an arrangement. Ignoring or delaying the issue will only make your problems worse.

If the payment is not yet due

If your auto insurance payment is not yet due, or it hasn’t been processed but you know you won’t be able to afford it, you may be able to postpone payment or extend the due date temporarily while you come up with the money. Depending on your insurer, you may not even have to call an agent to do so. For example, Geico allows customers to delay auto-pay bills by up to nine days through the company’s mobile app.

The agent you’re working with may have some discretion about how much leeway to give you, especially if you have a credible reason why you won’t be able to make the payment. They may also be able to arrange a partial payment to keep you insured if your insurance company allows it.

If you’ve missed payment by a few days

If you’ve only missed the payment by a few days to a week, you likely can reinstate your policy without a lapse in coverage or other serious consequences, as you’re still in the grace period. You’ll have to pay the amount you missed, usually with a late payment fee. Make sure to do so promptly, though, as the grace period may vary.

If your car insurance has been canceled

If your insurance premium went unpaid long enough for your coverage to be canceled, you’ll have to apply for a new policy. Unfortunately, your rates will likely increase, as car insurance companies charge more for drivers who have had their insurance terminated due to missed payments. It’s even possible that your previous insurer will not offer you insurance at all, in which case you’ll need to go with another company, such as a nonstandard insurer.

It’s illegal to drive without insurance in nearly every state, so once your insurance is terminated, you won’t be able to drive. The longer you go without coverage, the bigger the price increase will be when you purchase a new policy.

It’s free, simple and secure.

After you have insurance again, you should contact your state’s department of motor vehicles to update your insurance information and confirm that your registration and driver’s license are still valid. You should also make sure you don’t owe your old car insurance company money. It may eventually pass any overdue debts to a collection agency.


How much will I pay for car insurance if I cancel my Progressive policy?

Here are some average rates for car insurance by state.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by State StateAverage Monthly Car Insurance Rates Alabama$56.50 Alaska$80.17 Arizona$77.17 Arkansas$57.75 California$70.42 Colorado$68.92 Connecticut$82.58 Delaware$85.67 Florida$88.58 Georgia$65.33 Hawaii$70.25 Idaho$48.58 Illinois$61.92 Indiana$54.75 Iowa$46.25 Kansas$49.17 Kentucky$62.50 Louisiana$89.67 Maine$53.67 Maryland$78.75 Massachusetts$92.75 Michigan$77.58 Minnesota$65.92 Mississippi $62.08 Missouri$57.08 Montana $57.08 Nebraska$51.75 Nevada $81.92 New Hampshire$66.00 New Jersey $98.67 New Mexico$60.58 New York $93.50 North Carolina$50.17 North Dakota$46.17 Ohio$55.75 Oklahoma$56.50 Oregon$61.42 Pennsylvania$70.75 Rhode Island$88.25 South Carolina$62.75 South Dakota$47.08 Tennessee$54.92 Texas$70.42 Utah$58.83 Vermont$58.25 Virginia$58.17 Washington$70.00 Washington D.C.$98.50 Wisconsin$51.25 Wyoming $53.25 Get Your Rates Quote Now

Compare RatesStart Now →

Car insurance rates are unique to every driver. Your neighbor and you could pay two completely different amounts due to age, driving history, your jobs, and other factors. The best way to find out what you’ll pay is to get a quote.

Considerations Before Canceling

➤  Early Cancellation Fee

If you cancel in the middle of the policy term, Progressive Insurance will refund premiums for the unused days, less any cancellation fees. Cancellation fees only apply when you cancel your policy mid-term. If you are subject to a fee, plan on switching away from Progressive on the same day your current policy expires to avoid being charged.

Cost to cancel Progressive insurance depends on state legislation, length of policy and frequency of premium payments. Progressive’s cancellation costs have a mixed bag of reviews. Some paid a set fee of $50-$65, while others paid 10% of their outstanding premium. Many claim they paid no fees. Before you cancel, check your Progressive policy, or call customer support to see if there are any costs.

➤  Policy Lapsing

Did you know that most insurance carriers give extra discounts to drivers with no lapse in their coverage? If you cancel, have your new policy start right away so you avoid missing out on any savings. Also, it is best to have proof of new coverage when you cancel in case the carrier requires it.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to ensure you have a new policy in place so you aren’t left driving a vehicle you can no longer insure. The main concern is the likelihood of an accident while uninsured. If it happens, you’re liable for the damages. Your DMV may suspend your license or fine you. Driving without insurance can even result in jail time in several states. Don’t go there. Before you cancel Progressive, get a new auto policy.

What Type of Fees Can I Expect After Canceling Progressive?

The fees associated with canceling Progressive can put a dent in your refund amounts. At least ten percent of your remaining coverage will be converted into a fee. You might also be billed for a cancellation fee.

Step #4: Call Progressive or Mail a Notice of Cancellation

To cancel, you can send a notice of cancellation to the following address:

The Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd. Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

You can also call the Progressive auto insurance number at (888)416-2003.

How to Avoid a Lapse in Coverage

A lapse in insurance coverage can leave you dangerously uninsured. Driving without insurance is illegal in most states. If you’re caught, you could pay a fine or penalty. If you cause an accident, then you may need to pay all accident-related costs out of pocket.

To avoid a lapse in coverage, make sure your new auto insurance policy starts the same day your Progressive policy ends.

Typically, auto insurance policies end at 12:01 AM on the date of cancellation. That means your new auto insurance policy must start on that same date.

If you cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy on August 15, for example, then your new auto insurance policy should start on August 15 to avoid a lapse in coverage. If your new auto insurance policy starts on August 16, then you have a 24-hour lapse in coverage, leaving you uninsured for that period.

If you’re canceling your Progressive auto insurance policy because you no longer drive, then you don’t need to buy a new auto insurance policy or avoid a lapse in coverage. However, some drivers maintain continuous auto insurance coverage regardless to avoid higher premiums or to keep car insurance when driving a rental car or friend’s vehicle.

What if you don’t get your refund within the promised time frame?

If the period of time in which Progressive promised you’d receive your refund passes and you haven’t received your payment, you’ll need to contact the company. You can reach out via their customer service phone number or chat with a representative. Let them know you haven’t gotten your refund, and they should be able to further assist you.

3. How to Cancel a Progressive Insurance Policy

Reasons to Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance — Even though they are one of the most well-known car insurance companies in the United States, there are a (7)

6300 Wilson Mills Rd. You can also call the Progressive auto insurance number at (888)416-2003. Step #5: Pay Cancellation Fee (If Applicable).(8)

How to be smart about switching car insurance

Here are a few tips to consider when learning how to switch car insurance:

  • Use an auto-comparison website. These tools typically take only a few minutes to provide available insurance quotes in your area. This makes it quick and easy to compare different policies all in one place.
  • Compare equal coverages. Remember to compare like for like when researching other insurance policies. If you want to get accurate pricing, look for policy quotes that offer the same types of car insurance coverage you currently have and the same car insurance deductible too.
  • Avoid a lapse in coverage. When you’re ready to switch, keep a day or two of overlapping coverage between your old policy and your new policy. This will ensure you aren’t driving without insurance.
  • Check for cancellation fees. Take a few minutes to check your policy’s terms when it comes to canceling coverage. You may not incur any fees, but checking can help you understand your policy and avoid potential charges when you want to switch providers.
  • Get a refund when you cancel. If you’ve paid your current insurance policy’s premiums in advance, you could be eligible for a refund if you cancel. Talk with your insurance provider to learn how the refund works and when you should receive it after canceling.
  • Consider multi-policy discounts. Canceling an insurance policy that’s part of a bundle could forfeit your multi-policy discount. Consider the amount you’re saving with the discount before canceling and switching insurance providers.

Considerations for canceling your Progressive policy

Based on the uncertainty of how much Progressive will refund you on your unused portion of the policy you wish to cancel, you may want to consider carefully if the expense is worth canceling now, or waiting for when the term renews.

Will I receive a refund or owe money if I cancel?

As mentioned above, Progressive may refund a portion of your remaining unused policy. Each state and policy may have its own rules, so to determine any refund amount, you’ll need to contact an agent.

Where does Progressive require additional information?

There are no additional requirements to cancel your car insurance once you decide to switch or end your coverage. However, nearly all states require you to keep a minimum amount of auto insurance in force. 

Can someone else cancel my Progressive policy for me?

Progressive will require the insurance policy owner to cancel the policy. To ensure it’s you, you’ll be required to answer some questions to verify you are the owner who has called to cancel.

Be sure to have another policy before canceling 

When canceling your car insurance because you’re switching, make sure your new policy will be in force the same day your Progressive car insurance cancels. Let Progressive know which carrier is taking over for their records. If you don’t, Progressive may be legally required to report you to the DMV. Depending on the state, not having insurance on your vehicle could affect you in a few ways:

  • Your license could be suspended and will have to pay a pricey license reinstatement fee.
  • You may be unable to renew your vehicle’s registration.
  • You could be charged a fine.
  • In more extreme cases, you could face jail time.

Consider suspending your policy instead of canceling

If you’re worried about canceling your insurance and facing bigger legal issues from lapsed coverage, you may be better off suspending your policy for a certain period of time. Suspending your policy still takes work —  some states may require you to file an “affidavit of non-use” at your local DMV before you can put your coverage on hold (because suspending your policy assumes you are not driving that vehicle for a time). Ask your insurance carrier if they have policy alternatives such as stored or seasonal vehicle coverage for a reduced price instead.

6. How To Cancel My Progressive Policy

Call 888-416-2003 · Have your Progressive policy number & replacement insurance policy information · If they try to convince you to stay you can (17)… Which car insurance company offers cheaper average rates and better customer satisfaction, Progressive or Travelers?(18)

Is There a Fee to Cancel Progressive Insurance?

Most drivers, however, pay $0 to cancel their Progressive auto insurance policy. How to Cancel your Progressive Policy. Progressive, like most (19)… For more guidance, see how to get car insurance. Complaints and customer satisfaction. Progressive had fewer than the expected number of complaints to state (20)

How to Decide When to Cancel a Progressive Auto Insurance Policy

There are many considerations to keep in mind before cancelling a Progressive auto insurance policy. Here are a few factors to help you decide if now is the right time to cancel.

  • Will you receive a refund? You can estimate your possible refund based on how far in advance you paid for your premium. For example, some customers like to pay 6 or 12 months in advance to get a pay in full discount. If you fall into this category, you’ll likely receive a refund for coverage you paid for in advance. 
  • Is your renewal date coming up? If your renewal date is approaching, you’re unlikely to pay any cancellation fees, making this the best time to cancel and make a clean break from Progressive. 
  • Will you owe money if you cancel? Every state has different rules about canceling before your renewal date, so check with your insurance agent to see if you will owe money. 
  • Do you already have a new policy? If you don’t already have a new policy lined up, hold off on canceling for now. Instead, purchase a new policy first, then proceed with your cancellation. 

Progressive Cancellation Fees

Most drivers pay $0 cancellation fees with Progressive. However, drivers in some states may need to pay a small fee – typically equal to 10% of remaining premiums.

Each state has different insurance laws. In some states, insurers are permitted to charge a cancellation fee – so they charge a fee.

Let’s say you cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy on August 15. Your policy was set to end on September 30. You have $250 of premiums remaining on your policy. You could be required to pay a 10% cancellation fee or 10% of your remaining premiums.

If you already paid for those premiums, then you will receive a pro-rated refund (minus the cancellation fee in certain states).

If you have not paid your premiums, then you will not receive a refund on your premiums, although you may need to pay the cancellation fee.

Ultimately, Progressive cancellation fees are rare, and most drivers never pay a Progressive cancellation fee. Check with your Progressive agent, however, to see if your state has unique auto insurance cancellation laws.

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