How many tows do I get with my AAA membership?

Can you use Triple A same day?

AAA Basic Membership benefits are available immediately to members upon joining. Plus and Premier service is effective 7 days after enrollment or upgrade payment is received.

How to Cancel Your AAA Membership

AAA makes it fairly easy to cancel your membership, but you can’t cancel online. Call the Member Service Center at (800) 222-6424 to speak with one of their customer service representatives.

You may also be able to visit your local AAA club and cancel in person.

They will advise you on whether you’re due a full or partial refund based on how much time is left before your renewal.


Does Costco offer AAA discount?

It’s usually good for about a 10% discount on a refundable rate, similar to the Costco discount. The difference is that while anyone can use the Costco discount (just enter “COSTCO” in the promo code box), getting a AAA discount actually requires you to enter your AAA membership number.

Can you call AAA if youre not a member?

Always keep your AAA membership card with you.

The same would work if you don’t have a membership but a friend traveling with you does. So if you found yourself asking “can I use my AAA for a friend” you now have your answer. Just make sure that whoever has the membership makes the call.

Will AAA tow my car if I’m drunk?

The “tipsy tow” service will be available for AAA members and non-members and is free for the first 10 miles of the tow. Beyond the 10 miles, a standard towing rate will be charged.

Is AAA Roadside Assistance Worth the Cost?

The average cost to tow a car is $109, according to Angie’s List. Therefore, you’re likely to recoup your membership fee if you take advantage of the discounts and make at least one service call. 

Beyond the monetary value of membership, Jordan pointed out peace of mind and easy access to mechanics (that don’t work on commission) are helpful membership perks. 

The annual membership fee is something you can plan for financially, unlike an unexpected car repair. “At least we know when we have to pay it, so we can budget for it,” says Jordan. That could be a huge plus if an emergency tow could derail your finances for the month. 

How does AAA roadside assistance Florida work?

If your vehicle breaks down for any reason, you’re able to call AAA roadside service Florida for help. This service is open to you 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week. It applies to all cars that you drive, whether you're the passenger or the driver, and services anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

To get AAA roadside assistance, you need your AAA Membership card and a photo ID.

There are 3 different plans to choose from, all with affordable yearly premiums. Classic Membership is $59 per year, Plus Membership is $91 per year, and the Premier Membership is $199 per year.

There are sometimes extra costs for labor-intensive repairs or services For example, an enduring car battery replacement or extra towing miles.

AAA Members are able to request Emergency Roadside Assistance in three ways:

  1. Call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357)
  2. Apply for service online
  3. Use the AAA Mobile app

What Are Some Key Features of a AAA Membership?

There are three different types of AAA memberships: Classic, Plus and Premier.

Aside from roadside assistance, one of the most popular perks is access to travel discounts. AAA offers discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises and other vacation packages.

Here’s a look at some of the key differences between the three options:

AAA Classic AAA Plus AAA Premier
Towing: Four tows up to 5 miles each Towing: Four tows up to 100 miles each Towing: One tow up to 200 miles; three tows up to 100 miles each
Emergency starting Emergency starting Emergency starting
Battery service Battery service Battery service
Flat tire service Flat tire service Flat tire service
Fuel delivery (you pay for fuel) Fuel delivery (fuel is free) Fuel delivery (fuel is free)
Vehicle locksmith service (up to $50) Vehicle locksmith service (up to $100) Vehicle locksmith service (up to $150)
Passport photos (small fee) Passport photos (two free sets per member per year) Passport photos (unlimited)
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership + 675 Points, after the first Gold rental = 1 Free Day Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership + 675 Points, after the first Gold rental = 1 Free Day Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership + 1,100 Points, after the first Gold rental = 2 Free Weekend Days

Travel Discounts

Photo credit: Screenshot from

Photo credit: Screenshot from

There are also some travel discounts that could make a membership worth your while. AAA works with the following hotel brands:

  • Best Western: Save 5% to 15% and earn 10% bonus Best Western Rewards points
  • Hilton: Save up to 10% and earn Honors points
  • Hyatt: Get free breakfast, save up to 10% and earn World of Hyatt points
  • Marriott: Save 5% or more and earn Marriott Bonvoy points
  • MGM Resorts: Save 10% and earn M life tier credits

For car rentals, AAA partners with Hertz to offer up to 20% on daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rentals.

The club also offers discounts on cruises and vacation packages. You also get access to TripTik Travel Planners, all the AAA Tourbook Guides and point-to-point travel directions for your road trips.

Other Benefits

AAA offers other services to members like auto loans and insurance, home insurance, and even a high-yield savings account.

You can see all of the perks and compare the benefits of the Classic, Plus and Premier memberships by going to the membership page on your local AAA site and selecting Compare Benefits.

Things to Remember

Keep in mind, you also have to pay the membership! There are promotions, but it’s not free. Plan costs are as follows:

  • $59 for the Classic.
  • $94 for the Plus.
  • $120 for the Premium.   

(These prices may vary for your area. You can visit and select your region.)

One of the great things about AAA is that If you had forgotten to renew, they will let you renew instantly and use their service right away. However, if you did not renew on time, you can’t instantly upgrade the plan to get the longer transport.

Many try to save money and be smart about their options. Of course having a membership that may otherwise go unused can cost more than a one-time tow. The service offers assurance you can get help right away should you ever need to be towed for a breakdown while driving. They also are handy for lock-outs and jumps. So, that is also something to consider.

Getting Help

For the most up-to-date information, you can refer to the member handbook. To get assistance you can also reach them by phone directly or visit them online.

*AAA refers to American Automobile Association (the “AAA” or “Triple-A”). National Express Auto Transport is in no way affiliated with AAA and provides information herein for those interested in learning to see if they could use their membership to tow their car long distance. Excerpts are courtesy of the website.