Does AAA unlock cars?

Can AAA Open a Locked Car?

Yes, If you have an AAA membership then you can leave the worries to them. Each member gets one lockout per year i.e. they can use the Car lockout service once per year and they will be reimbursed for the expense they had depending upon their membership. You can read about that more in the next Question.

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Gas Delivery Service

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Premier Roadside Assistance Package

Premier Roadside Assistance will provide towing service up to 100 miles, as well as services such as jump start, fuel delivery*, flat tire change and lockout assistance.

This package also provides trip interruption coverage, which means you may be eligible for reimbursement of $200 a day (to a maximum of $600) for meals and lodging if your breakdown occurs at least 100 miles from home and your vehicle is out of commission for more than 24 hours.

In addition, Premier Roadside Assistance includes personal property coverage with a $500 limit, which provides coverage to replace stolen or damaged personal property as a result of a covered, paid comprehensive or collision loss.

*The cost of fuel is not included.

How does AAA roadside assistance CA work?

If your vehicle breaks down for any reason, you’re able to call AAA roadside service CA for help. This service is open to you 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week. It applies to all cars that you drive, whether you're the passenger or the driver, and services anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

To get USAA roadside assistance, you need your to already have a and a photo ID.

There are 3 different plans to choose from, all with affordable yearly premiums. Classic Membership is $59 per year, Plus Membership is $91 per year, and the Premier Membership is $199 per year.

There are sometimes extra costs for labor-intensive repairs or services. For example, an enduring car battery replacement or extra towing miles. AAA Members are able to request Emergency Roadside Assistance in three ways:

  1. Call 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357
  2. Apply for service online
  3. Use the AAA Mobile app

What is the process of getting reimbursed for locksmith services

After the locksmith have fixed your car lock or whatever he was called for, then within 60 days you need to submit the reimbursement form to AAA with the bill receipt in order to get reimbursed for the services and remember that you will only be reimbursed based on your membership level.

Get reimbursement form here: Download the form

Reimbursement is not provided for:

  • Services paid for under another insurance policy or other program benefit;
  • Charges related to impound or stolen vehicle recovery towing;
  • Charges for vehicle storage.

* For accident-related tows that are not reimbursed through insurance, your signed statement or a statement from your claims adjuster is required.

Car Care Express

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What Kind of Issues Can AAA Customer Support Resolve?

AAA phone-based customer service can help you enroll as a member, renew your membership and make any necessary changes to your current plan. From there, calls to specific divisions of AAA can provide you with a range of services, including booking travel, making insurance claims, and obtaining quotes on insurance policies.

What Can’t Be Resolved by Phone With AAA?

AAA works with a network of third-party service providers including towing operations, service stations and travel vendors. As a result, AAA may be limited as to what it can do to address issues that develop between you and one of these third-party businesses.

It goes without saying that AAA cannot control the weather and hazardous conditions can result in long delays in service. AAA’s policy is to tow cars that are blocking roads first.

What does GEICO Emergency Road Service cover?

When your car lets you down, we’ll be here to help get your vehicle back up and running. GEICO Emergency Road Service provides coverage for the following roadside emergencies:

  • Towing to the nearest repair facility where the repairs can be made
  • Battery jump starts
  • Tire changes when you have a functioning spare
  • Lockout services (up to $100) if you lock your keys in your vehicle
  • Winching your vehicle if it is stuck on or immediately next to a publicly maintained roadway
  • Fuel delivery to help get you to a gas station or your destination

You don’t have to pay out of pocket for these individual services. We can help! Use the GEICO Mobile app, request help online, or give us a call 24/7 so we can get help to you as quickly as possible.

Auto Repair

Auto repair and maintenance available at our state-of-the-art AAA Car Care Centers. Visit us today where we’ll fix your car like it’s our own.

Location Finder

Jump Start Battery Service

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Locked Out

Oh no! Locked out? Keys inside? AAA will send our technicians to get you back in your car!