Difference Between Single Checks and Duplicate Checks


A checkbook holds 20 to 30 checks certain collectively right into a small e book. Duplicate checks look the identical as common checks, solely behind every verify is a sheet of skinny paper. This skinny paper comprises the spacing for the entire verify info, akin to payee, quantity and date. Nonetheless, no delicate info akin to account numbers are printed on the duplicate. When a verify is written, the data is transferred onto the duplicate paper precisely. Duplicate checks will be carbon copies or carbonless copies, relying on which firm makes them.

Tips on how to Eliminate Test Carbon Copies

You can get rid of check carbon copies through the

You may eliminate verify carbon copies via the next methods:


Paper is rendered unsalvageable when it’s burned into ashes. Burning verify carbon copies is a extra environment friendly and safe technique of destroying them. It’s one of many easiest and most secure methods to eliminate your verify.

Nonetheless, burning verify carbon copies have to be performed with excessive warning since a single out-of-control fireplace could convey a slew of issues. It’s higher to burn a single copy at a time, both in a firebox with no dry, flamable supplies round or as kindling in a hearth. 

A more sensible choice could be to burn a single carbon duplicate piece by piece to keep away from flare-ups and potential fireplace hazards. Burning a single leaf reduces the probability of a wildfire and improves management over the method of combustion.

Burning the verify additionally eliminates any hint of carbon copies and basically eliminates the hazard of fraudsters and exploiters since no hint of the verify stays.

Nonetheless, it might be finest to keep in mind that untreated ash waste may be hazardous to people and the surroundings. Thus, it needs to be appropriately disposed of when the verify carbon copies have been diminished to cinders. When coping with fireplace, it’s crucial to make use of excessive warning too.

Paper shredding

Shredding is an efficient technique for eliminating verify carbon copies. A cross-cut shredder shreds the paper at many angles. This additionally ensures shredding it into tiny bits that may’t be put again collectively. It’s a secure strategy of disposal. Shredding is one thing that you could be do at each households and firms.

Shredders are generally seen in workplaces that create loads of paper trash. After receiving authorization from their firm, an worker could shortly destroy their verify carbon copies utilizing the shredders.

Workplace provide companies now shred checks on-demand along with these office shredders. Purchasers could shred small or massive batches of paper at UPS and FedEx places, for instance. These institutions additionally enable verify house owners to have their verify carbon copies destroyed proper earlier than their eyes.

This reduces the chance of tampering and can be comparatively secure since these cross-cut shredding machines shred the paper into tiny bits that may’t be bonded again collectively.

You will discover a transportable answer for dwelling use shredders available on the market. The excellent news is that you could find these shredders on-line for quite a lot of charges too. The drawback of those tiny, low-quality shredders is that as an alternative of shredding the checks into little bits, they shred them into lengthy strips.

A fraudster who has entry to the verify holder’s particulars could reassemble these prolonged strips. To remove this threat, it’s finest to chop the verify’s particulars horizontally earlier than operating it via a home major shredder. The strips might be narrower and even tinier because of this technique. Thus, the chances of reassembling are drastically decreased.


An alternative choice for eliminating check carbon copies is to incinerate them. It additionally removes all traces of the checks and is a really secure and environment friendly technique of destroying verify carbon copies. As well as, the hazard offered by swindlers to verify house owners is basically non-existent after incineration.

Often, incinerators are prohibitively pricey to function and should not viable for many restricted verify carbon copy disposal. However, incinerators could also be used to get rid of huge volumes of verify carbon copies. 


Comparability chart

Single verifyDuplicate verify
Doesn’t require the usage of a carbon paperRequires the usage of a carbon paper
Author doesn’t must press arduous in opposition to the paperAuthor has to press arduous in opposition to the highest verify to allow duplication
No proof left behind in case of lack of a verifyIn case of lack of a verify, there’s proof left behind on the duplicate copy
Its verify e book is much less cumbersomeIts verify e book is cumbersome because of the doubled variety of pages.

Do I must preserve verify duplicates?

You don’t want to maintain verify duplicates, particularly if the verify clears and shows up in your online banking. Nonetheless, the verify duplicate supplies a non-digital technique of monitoring bills and funds. Due to this fact, it’s possible you’ll take into account holding your checks in the event you itemize your tax deductions or enterprise bills in case of IRS audit.

The vital factor to recollect is that verify duplicates present a file of cost. You need to use this file if there’s ever a discrepancy, akin to lacking a mortgage cost.

How lengthy ought to copies of checks be saved?

At a minimal, you need to preserve verify duplicates between 5-7 years. Checks written that assist a tax return needs to be saved for no less than seven years. Checks written for mortgage compensation needs to be saved in the course of the mortgage plus 5-7 years.

What do I do with outdated duplicate checks?

Old check duplicates will be archived in your submitting cupboard or shredded. Sometimes, you possibly can take verify duplicates to your financial institution who can shred them for you. Shredding your checks through your financial institution is often thought-about a safer technique of disposing of verify duplicates.

Execs and Cons of Duplicate Checks

  • Straightforward to make use of

  • Lets you management recordkeeping

  • Offline entry to data

Cons Safety and privateness threat Dearer Checks changing into more and more unusual

Execs Defined

  • Straightforward to make use of: The carbon copy is created routinely by the stress you placed on the pen to put in writing the verify. It's simple to see verify quantities and recipients.
  • Lets you management recordkeeping: You're the one one that controls these duplicates. You may embrace as a lot element on them as you need, and retailer them for so long as you need.
  • Offline entry to data: A lot of the data offered by duplicates is offered on-line, however duplicates assist you to entry the identical info offline.

Cons Defined

  • Safety and privateness threat: Duplicates have loads of private details about you, so if a nasty actor obtains them, it might be troublesome for you. Duplicates include your financial institution info, in addition to info like how a lot you spend in a given week and the place you spend it.
  • Dearer: Duplicates could also be costlier than single checks, relying in your financial institution or verify supplier.
  • Checks changing into more and more unusual: A significant draw back to all of that is that checks have gotten more and more unusual. Should you hardly use checks, it may not be price investing in duplicates. You may be higher off merely constructing a behavior of checking your account on-line extra typically.


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