Can AAA Open a Locked Car (+Other Questions answered)

Call a Locksmithor Not

If this happens to you and you have a membership with the American Automobile Association (AAA), you can get assistance from a locksmith by placing a call to this organization. Free lockout service is one benefit of AAA membership.

You can also call a locksmith directly—some will take on car lockouts—but of course you’ll have to pay out of pocket for their services.

If you don’t have a AAA membership and would rather not pay for a locksmith, there are alternatives. Here’s all you need to know about how to unlock a car door when your keys are inside.

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AAA Locksmith Services

AAA offers a variety of roadside assistance services.

However, locksmith assistance is one of the most important ones available.

To use AAA’s locksmith services, you’ll need to be a member. 

Additionally, the type of membership you have will impact your coverage. 

Let’s start by discussing the three membership plans and what they cost.

Classic AAA Membership

The Classic AAA Membership offers the most basic coverage and services. 

While the coverage is minimal, this plan is the most affordable option.

Classic AAA Membership costs $59 annually. That’s it. 

Less than $5 a month to receive helpful roadside assistance.

Services offered with this membership plan include 5 miles towing (four times a year), fuel delivery, and locksmith reimbursement.

AAA will reimburse Classic members up to $50 for a locksmith service.

Since a locksmith could cost anywhere from $50 to $250, you may end up paying out of pocket; however, the amount would be minimal. 

Say you only use your locksmith service once a year and no other benefits. 

Would it be a waste to join AAA? Consider this, when you use AAA locksmith service, they find the locksmith and direct them to your location. 

Without AAA, you’d have to call all the shops yourself to find one at the right price willing to travel to your location. 

Is it worth saving $9 just to do all that work yourself? Probably not.

Even if you don’t use the $50 locksmith service, your AAA membership gives you access to several other benefits!

Plus AAA Membership

The Plus AAA Membership costs $91 annually. 

For just $8 a month, you get access to 100 miles towing (four times a year), free fuel delivery, and $100 locksmith reimbursement.

With this membership, you shouldn’t have to pay anything to unlock your car once or twice a year. 

The cost of the membership is less than the coverage amount even!

Premier AAA Membership

he Premier AAA Membership plan costs $119 annually, that’s less than $10 a month. 

With this plan, you get 100 miles towing (three times a year), 200 miles towing (once a year), free fuel and delivery, and $150 locksmith reimbursement. 

As an added benefit to the Premier AAA Membership plan, the locksmith coverage applies to your vehicle and home. 

This is a benefit not offered with other plans.

Regardless of the plan you have, if the locksmith service doesn’t work, you can use your AAA towing benefits to get your car to a safe location.

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Is AAA per car or per person

AAA is per person and not dependent on whichever car you use, you can be the driver or passenger in any vehicle and you can use your membership card to use any service provided by AAA like the tire assistance, fuel, locksmith etc.

3. Remote Unlock Service

You might want to try this before you go crawling through your trunk, but most people should be aware of their Onstar (or similar company) coverage. In the current new car market, it may be a feature that was thrown in at the time of purchase. Free coverage offers for new cars last about a year. You might try getting in touch with your dealership and seeing if you have it, or if it has run out. All of that phone call bureaucracy will most definitely make you wish you had a trunk to crawl through. If you do have this coverage, your doors can be opened remotely.

8. Plastic Strap

This is yet another method that only works on post locks. Big Easy makes a product like this. You will use this tool similar to option 1 in the post lock section of the coat hanger method. The plastic strap must be long and thin. The length should be longer rather than shorter, as it must be folded to work properly. The thinness of the material will need to allow it to slip between the door and the door frame while folded. 

That means that it will need to be at least half the thickness of the gap in your door. Sandpaper in the crease of the folded plastic strap will help immeasurably. You will try to loop the folded plastic around the post and pull it up and toward you. The plastic will most likely slip off due to the slickness of the materials. To give yourself just a bit of a bite into the lock, a fold of sandpaper fastened in that crease will make the process go much quicker.

Call A Roadside Assistance Company

If you have a membership with a roadside assistance company, call them when you lock your keys in your car. Most memberships included a limited number of emergency assistance calls, and locking yourself out of your vehicle falls under that category. If you do not already have a roadside assistance membership, you may want to look into getting one. Triple-A (AAA) is one of the most popular providers. 

Does AAA Unlock Car Doors For Free?

Yes, AAA does unlock car doors for free as part of their membership. An agent will come to you and provide this service at no extra cost. It is one of the many perks of having a membership. Of course, you are paying a monthly or yearly fee to be a member, but you never know when it may come in handy. 

Use A Spare Key

Using a spare car key to unlock your car door when

Using a spare car key to unlock your car door when your keys are locked in may be the easiest solution. If you have a spare key to your car, either go get it or call someone and ask them to bring it to you. 

If you do not have a spare key to your car, you should consider getting one made. Check out: Where To Get Car Keys Made.

Quick tips for when your keys are locked in your car

Many people lock themselves out of their cars each year. It’s normal to feel embarrassed, but don’t let the inconvenience feel monumental. You can get through it calmly by keeping the following in mind:

  • Remember if and where you may have a spare key.
  • If your spare key is at home, ask a friend or family member to bring it to you. Or, if you parked your car in a safe place with no people, pets, or valuables inside, consider using a rideshare service.
  • Know or think you might have roadside assistance? If you have your phone with you, search your email inbox for a previous coverage confirmation or call the company you believe covers you and ask them to look you up.
  • If you’re striking out with the spare key and roadside assistance, the next best option might be to choose a tow service or locksmith.


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Try a Coat Hanger

The coat hanger trick is a classic; you’ve probably seen it in a few movies. All you need is a coat hanger and pliers.

“Use the pliers to unravel the coat hanger so you have one side hooked and one that’s straight,” says Laura Gonzales, marketing manager at Audi Bellevue in Washington state. “You’re going to slide the coat hanger between the window and the weather stripping. Once the hook is below the window, you can start fishing around for the control arm. Once you find it, pull onto it and your door will open.”

Final Words

We hope that we were able to solve all your questions and if you have any other queries, you can either contact us or contact AAA directly